Series Name
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date 10 Februrary 2002
Written by Bill Braunstein
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Jax the Conqueror
You Bet Your Planet

Meet Gorgon is the third episode of Butt Ugly Martians and also the first appearance of Gorgon.


It begins with the martians fighting Mike in a massive robot suit. They film the tape, then send it live to Bog. Thus, Bog offers them a reward, Damage's newest weapon, the deatomizer, which basically, can deatomize anything. But Gorgon overheard this and stole it from the Martians, attempting to take over the world.


  • At the ending, where Gorgon's plan backfired and he was deatomized, he comes back in future episodes, although he was clearly seen being deatomized.