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Koo Foo

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Koo Foo The last surviving member of an alien race. His race was an evil species that tried to conquer the whole universe 2000 Earth years ago before mysteriously vanishing. His crashed ship was submerged in the desert and believed to be a pyramid due to its shape. Muldoon accidentally released him at the same time the Martians arrived to destroy him. He took Angela to save her from danger but the Martians thought he was kidnapping her. It was eventually revealed that Koo Foo was not evil like the rest of his kind and had left the swarm of ships before crashing on Earth. He says he does not want to fight or hurt anyone. The Martians do not believe him until Angela points out that they themselves are different from almost all of their species. Koo Foo leaves in peace. He reappears as a one-off at Do-Wah's birthday party in the comic series.


Koo Foo is very peaceful and does not like fighting. This makes him a pacifist among his people. Koo Foo does not wish to harm people. This is seen when he took Angela, he was saving her from danger. The Bitt-Uglies mistaken this for kidnapping.


  • It was stated that even the Martian race couldn't defeat Koo Foo's people. This explain the hostility between the Butt-Uglies and Koo Foo (who didn't mean any harm).