Hasbro produced a line of Butt-Ugly Martians merchandise during the show's inital run peroid. These included action figures and a board game

Action figures

Collectible Figures with Bogs/Character Cards

  1. Commander B-Bop
  2. Tech Officer 2-T
  3. Corporal Do-Wah
  4. Commander B-Bop BKM
  5. Tech Officer 2-T BKM
  6. Corporal Do-Wah BKM
  7. Mikey Elis
  8. Angela Young
  9. Cedric
  10. Stoat Muldoon
  11. Dr. Damage
  12. Emperor Bog
  13. Emperor Bog reclining
  14. Bog Guard
  15. Dog
  16. Mikey Elis Extreme
  17. Klaktor
  18. Jax the Conqueror
  19. Alien Gorgon
  20. Alien Rinko
  21. Alien Slugabug
  22. Alien Flutter
  23. Space Ogre
  24. Fleaboid

One pack of Collectable Figures with Character Cards came with a bonus VHS video promoting the Butt-Ugly Martians TV show and contains a complete episode.