Butt-Ugly Martians: Martian Boot Camp is a Butt-Ugly Martians game for the PC released in 2002 from Vivendi Universal.

In the game, Emperor Bog sends the Butt-Uglies back to Martian Boot Camp to take on Dr. Damage's Bogstacle Course.

There are three difficulty levels. Many of Mike Tavara's music compositions from the show are heard throughout the game.


  • Energy Field Maze
  • Robot Rush Hour
  • B.K.M. Challenge 1 (Jax the Conqueror/Lt. Penkhan)
  • Rinko's Catch-a-Match Game
  • Space Fight
  • The Great Wall of Humanga
  • B.K.M. Challenge 2 (Lt. Penkhan/Gorgon)
  • The Asteroid Field
  • B.K.M. Arena Challenge (Infi-Knight)