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2T Fru-T is the mechanic in the blue uniform (described on the BUM merchandise as a "tech officer", he is most likely a lieutenant as he is of lower status than B-Bop but higher than Do-Wah) for the Butt-Uglies and inventor of BKM. Sometimes B.Bop and Do-Wah can pick on 2T although they are his friends.2T Fru-T was (voiced by Rob Paulsen)


2T is considered a prodigy in terms of expertise in the mechanical field. Therefore, he can almost invent almost anything. Though Dr. Damage sends him low-quality (usually inferior) parts, this doens't discourage him from progressing.

He appears to be socially inept. Often he goes into "technical speak" when it's not really neccessary. He is normally calm but can snap when under stress. Also a very bad liar, but can come-up with a cover whenever B-Bop is not present or in dire situations.

Despite this, he is respected for his inventions and is always counted on when the need arises.